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Tour To Srilanka

Tour To Srilanka Might Be Good There Are Lots Of Leisure Places To Enjoy. But Srilanka Is Small in Map.

Centauria Tourist Hotel

Nice Place To Stay Even If You Are With Family.

After Being All These Things You Will Enjoy. But It Will Effect Tourist Attraction Too.

Weddings in Sri Lanka

Mainly Europeans Do Marriage In Srilanka As They Like Hot spot.

Sri Lanka has a pleasant tropical climate. The average temperature of the low lands ranges between 25-30 degrees Celsius. It is a multi-ethnic, multi-religious country with a diverse and rich culture with a total population of 19 million. English is widely spoken and is studied as a compulsory secondary language in school.

To arrange your Sri Lanka wedding can be relatively simple. Weddings are completely legal & welcomed by local authorities.

Weddings in Sri Lanka
How & where to get married in Sri Lanka
sri lanka WEDDING

Sri Lanka offers you the chance to have one of the most beautiful & meaningful ceremonies available anywhere in the world.

wedding in sri lanka

Sri Lanka offers the perfect destination wedding for an adventurous couple. With spectacular scenery and very friendly and hospitable locals, you'll have a paradise wedding forever to remember.

weddings sri lanka

Destination weddings in Sri Lanka are becoming the No.1 location of choice for a spectacular wedding abroad. Fantastic wedding resort hotels offer some of the most worlds most romantic locations, combined with the friendly & enthusiastic Sri Lankan people, make Sri Lanka an overseas wedding location hard to beat!

In Sri Lanka you can have a Civil wedding, Christian wedding, Buddhist wedding, Hindu wedding or Muslim wedding. Traditional is the Sri Lankan Poruwa ceremony. Most couples getting married in Sri Lanka have a basis of this ceremony either after their religious ceremony as a blessing or combined into a civil ceremony. The stages of the entire traditional marriage Poruwa Buddhist ceremony in Sri Lanka takes about 45 minutes.

Enchanted by the culture, stunned by the scenery and welcomed by the Sri Lankans, couples can easily combine a fabulous wedding with beautiful exotic honeymoon.

married sri lanka

Sri Lanka has a pleasant tropical climate. The average temperature of the low lands ranges between 25-30 degrees Celsius. It is a multi-ethnic, multi-religious country with a diverse and rich culture with a total population of 19 million. English is widely spoken and is studied as a compulsory secondary language in school.

To arrange your Sri Lanka wedding can be relatively simple. Weddings are completely legal & welcomed by local authorities.

weddings sri lanka

Tourism is the major industry and facilities are excellent.

As long as you are legal to marry and have the correct documents, there will be no problems.

Often it is wise to use a professional wedding company to arrange your wedding but you can organize the wedding yourself.

Beach Really To Enjoy Specially In Srilanka


Monday, March 16, 2009

Where to go out in Rio de Janeiro?

Most of foreign tourists in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil will stay in Copacabana or Ipanema the stylish neighborhood near the beach.

But at night you could get disappointed. After 11pm it’s getting very quite and you might thing there’s not going on in Rio de Janeiro. Of course there are

still some bars and discos open. But the real nightlife takes place somewhere else.

If you want to meet people go to Lapa. Lapa is well known in Rio de Janeiro because of it’s antique train bridge.

At weekends there are thousands of Cariocas (that’s the name for people from Rio) and foreigners on the streets of Lapa near the famous bridge. Everywhere is musik, dance and fun.


Friday, March 13, 2009

Brazilian Carnival

Budget travelers struggle with Carnival in Brazil. Travel during the biggest party in the world, logic dictates, is more expensive than normal, but many foreign travelers are surprised by this fact.

They want to visit Rio de Janeiro or Salvador, and are astonished at the price hike in airfare and lodging, destroying their South American budget travel fantasy.

If the budget is so tight, travel in low season, or spend Carnival in a small town, away from state capitals and the most famous parties. Remember, Carnival is celebrated everywhere in Brazil. If someone chooses to attend some of the biggest parties in the world, such as those in Rio and Salvador, they should expect to spend a couple of extra dollars.


Friday, March 6, 2009

My Sweet Days in Karachi

The past week seemed to pass by so quickly and despite the very hot and humid weather, I managed to have some fun and see some places here in Karachi and back there in Lahore. Those huge mosques in Lahore are beautiful at night will all those lights flowing over the walls and we tried shisha (smoking device, also called huble bubble or hookah) from one of the popular night spots in the city called Cocoo’s Place. You’re basically smoking raw tobacco flavored with either apple, strawberry or mint. My lower jaw got swollen the next day from all that puffing.

They also made me chew paan which is betel leaf filled with half a dozen weird concoctions. I almost threw up, until they said it was okay to spit it out. I swear, after a few seconds of mixed sweetness and minty flavors, I smelled shampoo in there. I forgot to bring my camera so no shots here. Some of the guys here tell me to be careful when taking pictures, especially of women, or else I could get into some trouble. Thus, the camera is always tucked in the bag or stays in my hotel room.

Karachi is the most commercial city with, I was told, over 14 million residents — one of the biggest in the world. The metro is along the coast of the Arabian Sea and I was able to visit one of the public beaches (Clifton Beach). I would have wanted to take my first camel ride but I guess the horse was good enough.

That’s 14 million people and I rarely see any foreigners. It felt a bit weird noticing when people gaze at me — well, a bald man in a hair-loving society sure does attract some attention.

We also dropped by one of them burial shrines of their saints. I had another picture of me beside one of the carpet-covered coffins but it was a little odd standing in there smiling at the camera while people around you are praying and making offerings.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Vivian Haynes In Brazil

(Vivian Haynes) I am interpreter and tourism consultant in Brazil. Brazil is Really Nice Place To Travel.Brazil covers almost half of the South American continent and it is bordered to the north, west and south by all South American countries except Chile and Ecuador; to the east is the Atlantic. The country is topographically quite flat and at no point do the highlands exceed 3000m (10,000ft). Over 60 per cent of the country is a plateau; the remainder consists of plains. The River Plate Basin (the confluence of the Paraná and Uruguay rivers, both of which have their sources in Brazil) in the far south is more varied, higher and less heavily forested. North of the Amazon are the Guiana Highlands, partly forested, partly stony desert. The Brazilian Highlands of the interior, between the Amazon and the rivers of the south, form a vast tableland, the Mato Grosso, from which rise mountains in the southwest that form a steep protective barrier from the coast called the Great Escarpment, breached by deeply cut river beds. The population is concentrated in the southeastern states of Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. The city of São Paulo has a population of over 10 million, while over 5.5 million people live in the city of Rio de Janeiro.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pakistan Tourists Heaven

The northern areas of Pakistan have constantly been targeted as refuge seeking areas for terrorists . Operations have been lodged an army has heavily flooded the areas for a long time now. Due to these clashes the areas have been put on a high security alert . The constant tension in those areas have tormented people life over time . Most people in these areas earned living through tourist visiting the areas. Since after tensions the tourist industry has been going into a considerable loss . While the public waited for the government to take initiatives on the issue and for the rest of the people to stand by them in need , a foreigner has taken the lead.

Britt das , a dutch lady on global peace walk covered around 1,000 kms of Pakistan’s northern areas. Das writes for a dutch newspaper and was committed to show a different side of Pakistan. Britt has reportedly told the media that she never felt threatened at any point and the trip has been very exciting.She also met up with locals in that areas ans said they wanted peace and education for their people. Britt das started her journey for peace on foot beginning in the Netherlands in August last year walking across Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, part of Badakshan in Afghanistan, Nepal and China.

She also witnessed the shandur polo festival and drove to chitral to start her peace walk in the northern areas of Pakistan. On her 20 day walk in the northern areas she was warmly welcomed and well treated by the locals .

This is indeed a warm step by a foreigner towards clearing the image of Pakistan on the global front . We welcome Britt dass and peace lovers such as her with open arms to come and embrace the true hospitality among our people which is rarely highlighted.


Jing-Wei In Karachi (Pakistan)

Jing-Wei Comments

Well I Love Pakistan Its My Neighbour Country. I always heared about Pakistan But Never Seen Today I Can Only Say That Karachi Really is One Of The Most Beautiful Cities In The World.


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